The Only Clock You Need is Right Here

The Only Clock is just that, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not a Frisbee despite the appearance. When it comes to design, simplicity is often the best policy. According to German industrial designer Dieter Rams, good design is as little design as possible. The Only Clock focuses on the essential aspects and doesn’t burden you with non-essential features. The Only Clock takes timekeeping back to purity, back to simplicity. The result is an eye-catching and functional piece of art. Whether on a desk or on a wall, The Only Clock will surely turn heads.

the only black clock

Vadim Kibardin designed the Only Clock as a modern 3-D interpretation of a traditional analog wall clock. Illuminated by LEDs, the frame displays hour and minute points crafted in white or black ABS plastic. There’s even an alarm so The Only Clock would be well-suited for your bedside table and probably more aesthetically pleasing then what you have now. Comes with an AC adapter but also supports a battery. The Only Clock is pegged as the next step in the evolution of time-based devices. Available for pre-order now. Get on it!

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the only clock on the book


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