Fender’s Front Row Legend Esquire Guitar is Built from Famous Concert Halls

There’s this idea that whatever an instrument is made from, it holds the spirit of what was around it before it transformed into an instrument. Which makes total sense from a musician’s perspective, giving more depth and personality to certain, say, guitars and drums and violins than others. The story behind an instrument is sometimes more compelling then the instrument itself, prompting a great musician to play it and add to it’s overall mystique.

fender guitar saddle

The Front Row Legend Esquire guitar is one of those instruments. Built from one of the Alaskan Yellow Cedar benches in the infamous Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles—regarded by most musicians as one of those live music meccas you have to play at least once in your career or you can’t call it a real career—the Legend’s body has the sounds of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones somewhere in the wood’s granular memory.

fender guitar capstan

But it goes farther than just the wood and the history; the guitar is also built to be the punchy, snappy sounding piece that Esquires are known to be, as well as a 60’s-era vintage style with an ‘Oval C’-shaped quartersawn maple neck, vintage frets and original spec Broadcaster bridge pick-up.

fender guitar body

Cool, huh? Let’s get back to the wood though and the thought of what it once witnessed in musical history. Each of these guitars also features an individual seat number from the bench it was constructed from, which leads you to wonder what stories this guitar could tell if it could talk. Maybe it’s your job to make it.

Check it out

fender guitar position maker

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