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christmas whisky advent calendar

Countdown to Christmas on The Whisky Advent Calendar

Written in Collaboration with Masters of Malt

Most of us will recall fond childhood memories of our parents bringing home an advent calendar at the end of November, so we could count down the days until Christmas with the aid of some shitty chocolate (or if you had hippy parents, carob). As adult men, however, the end of November now usually marks a dodgy moustache of some description, several hangovers on the horizon and a very expensive month ahead. Luckily, the smart fellas over at Masters of Malt have brought the humble advent calendar back to life for the modern man. This whisk(e)y advent calendar features 24 little square doors behind each of which is 30mL of a different dram for each day, all presented in a wax sealed bottle with tasting notes. The potables include some of the best drops from distilleries all over the world including Glenfiddich, Lagavulin, Dalmore and Buffalo Trace, as well as a Taiwanese whisky, the current best blended whisky in the world, and even a 50 year old scotch. If the brown stuff isn’t quit your thing then they also offer a gin, vodka or tequila version. Bah humbug no more.

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