Creative Carbon Steel Cookware from Blanc Creatives

Based in Charlottesville in Virginia, the guys from Blanc Creatives have a range of hand-forged carbon steel cookware that is almost too beautiful, that you just don’t want to let it burn on your stove.

hand forged carbon steel cookware

With any cookware, function comes first, any dedicated cook will tell you that. Blanc Creatives have mastered the combination between aesthetics, function and quality. Founder Correy Blanc worked as a blacksmith and established his company to produce architectural fixtures. But after receiving a load of inquiries about a carbon steel pan that was hung as a decoration in his stall at a Christmas market, he shifted to cookware.

different styles carbon steel cookware

At present, Blanc Creatives have a team of 10 blacksmiths who collectively produce eight different styles of carbon steel cookware. Each piece takes around eight hours to complete. The immaculate crafting Correy and his team have done with the function, form and overall look of cookware has seen his company will numerous accolades. If you want own a unique piece or just want to be blown away, they definitely worth checking out.

another cookware steel carbon

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