Cruise into the Future with this StarkBoard Skateboard

Ever since Marty McFly cruised the streets in Back to The Future II atop a hover board, we’ve been trying to emulate him. Now, I think we finally can.

cruise starkboard top bottom view

Stark Mobility is bringing you a hands free skateboard uniquely designed to be controlled and propelled by nothing more than body weight and motion sensors. The first of its kind, the StarkBoard uses an intelligent weight monitoring system to provide locomotion with nothing more than a slight tilt of your body.

cruise starkboard wheel

Still in the prototyping stage, Stark Mobility is currently looking for as much funding as it can gather. They have surpassed their original goal of 20,000 dollars by more than 500%, but are continuing to keep donations coming in, as they now plan to increase the size of their initial offering.

cruise electrical starkboard

If you’re interesting in learning more, seeing how this bad-boy works, or contributing to the funding yourself, head over to Indiegogo through the link below and see how you can smoothly glide through your city and conquer any and every obstacle in your path. With max speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and more than 12 miles of range on a single charge, you’ll be ready for any urban adventure.

Check it out

cruise starkboard back side

cruise starkboard side view

cruise starkboard four wheel

cruise starkboard top view

cruise starkboard mechanism of the wheel

cruise starkboard backlight

cruise starkboard battery system

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