Cut in Half Takes the World Apart for You

Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects answers the question of what’s inside those things that make up your life. From the time of being a little boy even until becoming a grown-up, men have always taken things apart to see what’s inside or how things work. It’s an innate part of what makes a man a man. The danger, however, is once something is taken apart, how do you get it back together. With Cut in Half, you won’t have to worry or wonder any more.

Author Mike Warren and photographer Jonothan Woodward reveal what’s inside of everyday objects. Using a high-pressure waterjet cutter capable of slicing through four inches of solid steel, Warren first started cutting things in half as a part of his YouTube channel “Cut in Half.” In the book, Warren presents many different items, including boom boxes, boxing gloves, oil filters, and sea shells. The objects are then presented in beautiful photography by Woodward. But it’s not just interesting pictures presented in this book. Warren also takes time to reveal how those objects work, providing details that instruct on the inner workings and materials of each.

Warren is a designer, inventor, and science writer whose works have been featured in Wired, New York Times, Popular Scientist, CNET, and New Scientist. He has also published over 300 project tutorials online, so if there is anyone that can break down and explain everything you’re curious about, it’s him.

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