Dandy Customizes How You Treat Your Dog

Why is it that we treat our best friends so poorly? Dogs have been man’s best friend from time immemorial. They’re loyal companions, hard workers, and they keep us safe, yet when it comes time to feed them, we pour dried blocks of crunchy something into a bowl from a 50 pound bag. Shouldn’t we take a bit more thought into how we repay these friends? Dandy has done just that, coming up with a customized dog treat that you can give to good ol’ Fido.

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A new online pet wellness company, Dandy is offering treats that are tailored to your dog’s unique needs. After taking a quick quiz on their website, you’ll be redirected to the perfect match of dog treats for your dog’s breed. The quiz covers topics like your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle, health issues, and allergies. It also asks what kinds of food your dog usually eats. Dandy uses machine learning, algorithms, and feedback from customers to come up with the right treats for the right dogs. Just as importantly, they don’t leave you in the dark as to what you’ll be serving your best friend. Dandy lists all the ingredients that go into your treats, which includes things like wheatgrass and salmon oil. The treats are also formulated by veterinarians, so your dogs will be receiving the same kind of treats that the vet would give them at their checkups. Plus, Dandy is offsetting their carbon footprint by using sustainably sourced products and compostable packaging.

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Danielle Sobel, a certified health coach, founded the company. Previously, Sobel owned Juice Society, a brand of functional juices, which she founded in 2015. Now she’s moving into the pet wellness market. “Dandy is reimagining the way we care for our pets,” says Sobel. “If you look at the current industry landscape holistically, it’s hard to find any truly personalized options for your pet. You can get your personalized treats for $40 a month for small to medium sized dogs, and $50 per month for medium to large sized dogs.

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