Smell Like David Beckham with the Aqua Classic Fragrance

A lasting image of David Beckham will always be when as a part of the London Olympics opening ceremony, he stood at the front of a boat, looking as regal as a human can appear. That exact level of suave can be captured by the common man with the new Aqua Classic fragrance by Beckham. Every man should have one (or more) solid fragrances to roll with on special occasions, and Mr. Posh Spice has us all covered here.

The Aqua Classic opens strong, with a refreshing and new fusion of violet leaves and spicy cardamom, enhanced with subtle hints of lemon. The heart incorporates a sophisticated blend of sage and Artemisia, while the base adds depth and sensuality, in case you’re not able to do so alone on your personality. While the fragrance can’t help you look, date, or play soccer like Beckham, it can help class up any otherwise regular event that may go on in your life.

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