De Antonio’s D33 Cruiser is Modest Luxury Afloat

In 2012, new Spanish shipwright company De Antonio set out to create motor boats that displayed a simplicity and no-frills approach to their design, but with modern lines and quality components, resulting in a collection of elegant vessels not yet witnessed by the boating community. In the short time since, the Barcelona-based boat builders have carved a name out for themselves as a bunch of señors (and señoritas) who know how to work within the design restrictions of a smaller vessel size, but somehow manage to deliver the perfect balance between necessity and luxury – and the D33 is no different.

de antonio d33 cruiser outlook

With the tagline ‘for you and yours’, the D33 measures in at just under ten metres long, and still manages to boast two cabins, a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, sound system and an on-deck shower, amongst a few other little creature comforts, as well as a plethora of optional add-ons to customise it your way. What’s so great about this approach is that it completely breaks free from traditional boat-design, and the resulting cruiser is genuinely unique and quite striking to look at, as well as being practical. Starting at around $250 000 USD, it’s probably out of a school boy’s budget but, compared with other gaudy and lacklustre cruisers on the market, it’s not too pricey at all if making a statement on the harbour is what floats your boat.

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