Feel Me Flow – Perch Upholstered Flow Chair

Furniture brand Perch is dedicated to delivering the best workspace products in the world, thereby ensuring that the office is always at least a little exciting. They’ve gathered all kinds of inspiration and knowledge from a variety of sources and tested thousands of products to guarantee all your OCD tendencies are supported with high-end materials and the best ergonomic experience money can buy. Needless to say, they didn’t miss the mark with the Flow Chair.

perch flow chair side view

Made from polypropylene and twin wire, the Flow Chair comes from Italy. It is upholstered through a combination of orange and red fabric which gives it a vibrant look that will definitely spark up your own workspace so that your sitting experience is not only comfortable, but aesthetically pleasing to boot. No detail is overlooked in the design and construction, with every joint, curve and angle aligned to perfection. In other words, this is a chair that most definitely flows.

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