Défoncé are Chocolate Bars That’ll Put You on Mars

You probably shouldn’t read this article. No really, just stop. It’s only going to upset you. Unless you’re in California, that is. But you’re not, so Défoncé chocolates are just a distant reality and we can’t condone their product here in Australia where it is illegal. Highly illegal. So don’t read on because you’re probably not into this sort of thing anyway. But in case you were, and you’ve ignored my sound advice, this is one of the stranger combinations of artistry we’ve seen come out of California, and definitely one of the best.

défoncé chocolates are just a distant reality

Défoncé chocolatiers (much fancier than just chocolate makers) have fused their passion for getting high and making world-class chocolate into a company devoted solely to making delicious blocks of medicinal marijuana cocoa treats. Currently offered up in nine flavours (dairy, vanilla, popcorn, hazelnut, matcha, coffee, mint, dark and dark+, an 88% cocoa version), each block contains 180mg of THC, costs around $20 USD, and will have you dancing around singing ‘I’m in love with the cocoa’ in no time.

défoncé chocolatiers offered up in nine flavours

A block is uniquely segmented into 18 geometrically pleasing pieces, each serve equating to 10mg of the good stuff, so it’s probably best to hide the box after your initial fill (before the munchies kick in and you end up chasing spaceships). While the medicinal marijuana debate is in its early stages in Oz, the laws in the states are becoming more and more relaxed, leading to quality, innovative products such as this. In the great golden state, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act is due to be decided upon in November, if it passes then anybody (Californian resident or not) over the age of 21 will be able to legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products without a prescription from their doctor. Flights are pretty cheap these days also.

défoncé chocolatiers making world class chocolate