The Delorean Aerospace DR-7 Aircraft Brings Us Back to the Future

In what might be dubbed an appropriate twist of fate, the moniker made famous by Back to the Future is developing a flying car. According to DeLorean Aerospace, their DR-7 two-seater aircraft is “built like a Formula 1 race car…for the sky”. In addition to touting a giant drone-like design, the VTOL (vertical take off and landing) vehicle is adept enough to touch down on your driveway and compact enough to park in your garage. Indeed, your morning commute will never be the same.

delorean aerospace dr 7 aircraft top view

DeLorean Aerospace was founded by Paul DeLorean, whose uncle John DeLorean was behind the iconic 80s car made forever famous by Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Those DeLoreans appear to have innovation in the bloodstream, and the DR-7 screams futurism accordingly. With its monocoque construction and low drag body, the aircraft cuts a sturdy, lightweight figure. It runs on a zero-emission electric powertrain and uses an unprecedented centreline twin vectoring propulsion system for hovering, stability and control. Nifty touches like foldable wings and canards deliver next level efficiency and versatility.

delorean aerospace dr 7 aircraft white

Once inside the sleek vessel, you can choose between autonomous and manual mode depending on your skill level. Soon enough you’re soaring for an estimated distance of 120 miles at a time while drawing eyeballs from every direction. This is what the future looks like, no matter what Back to the Future 2 might have told you.

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