Disrupting the Cigar Industry: Good Cigar Co

Are you looking for a better way to try new cigars? Good Cigar Co is the solution for you. No longer do you have to travel to dingy, poorly lit shops or ask your “buddy” from work what kind of cigar you should buy when you’re in the mood for a robust smoke. Now, just decide the style you’re feeling and wait for your cigars to arrive.

good cigar pack

Good Cigar Co will serve as your personal tobacconist, curating the best cigars and delivering them to you in beautifully designed, humidity-sealed packaging, along with everything you need to light up the night. Along with the two cigars that come in each package, you’ll get a cutter, matches, and (most importantly) tasting notes.

cigar co pack in the hand

Good Cigar Co is taking the intimidation out of buying cigars and eliminating the need for an expensive humidor. Just select “casual,” “classic,” or “aficionado,” and the expert tobacconists will select a custom pack, based on your preference.

We know it’s always more fun to smoke with a friend, so Good Cigar Co designed their packs to be shared, hence the two cigars in each pack. Good Cigar Co also has a weekly electronic periodical called “The Straight Cut,” that is billed as a stylish, insightful, and modern take on cigar culture, delivered right to your inbox.

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