DIY- How to Make a Clear Samsung Galaxy S8

Back in the day, Nintendo released a Game Boy that was entirely clear. YouTube user JerryRigEverything decided to give his Samsung Galaxy S8 the Gameboy treatment with the help of heavy-duty paint thinner.

JerryRigEverything typically puts smartphones through torture on his YouTube channel. In this video, he shows viewers how to take a Samsung Galaxy S8 and turn it into an entirely clear smartphone.

In the video, Jerry takes his fancy new Samsung Galaxy S8 and removes the case using heat and a special tool. Then he uses heavy-duty paint thinner to take off the colour coating. Jerry used a blade to remove the rest of the paint and lamination underneath. Then he gives the back panel, which is now clear, a quick rinse.

Seemingly not happy with the result. Jerry goes even further and decides that he wants to remove additional pieces of the phone so that more of the inside parts can be seen through the clear case. So, he removes the 14 screws from the phone. He then takes out the NFC wireless chip so that more of the guts of the phone can be seen through the now-clear case.

In the end, Jerry secures the backing with double-sided tape. Once he is finished with it, the phone case is entirely clear, but it isn’t waterproof anymore. Also, it can no longer be charged wirelessly.

Although the final project looks pretty cool, just know that if you are brave enough to try this yourself, you will void your warranty and probably destroy your phone.

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