Do Performance & Green Teas Work for Men?

It’s been said drinking a good cup of tea a day can foretell a healthy life ahead. Believe it. Studies have shown that the aromatic beverage can reduce the risk of heart attacks, as well as protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

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Every type offers its own individual, natural attributes that detoxify and relax the body. Though many novice drinkers are still skeptical over whether tea can actually help them lose weight? In many cases, yes, it can. Take green tea for instance. The beverage is rich in antioxidants that induce thermogensis and stimulate fat oxidation. In Layman’s terms, it has the power to shift your fat-fighting metabolism in high overdrive.

Sydney boutique tea company, Tea Time, is showing us such results with its new line of “organic superdrinks.” These bespoke blends are made from some of the world’s finest ingredients that feature weight-loss stimulants to boost your immune system and trim fat organically for healthier results. Not to mention they taste just as good as they smell and provide a sense of relief when hitting your taste buds. Tea Time stocks four herbal flavors at the moment, which are all worth checking out.

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Skinny caters towards active drinkers looking to slim down their figure by providing a bolt of energy, while burning excess fat and surpassing appetites. Detox works to cleanse your digestive tract and flush out impurities. Sleepy puts you in rest mode with a smoothing blend that relieves anxiety and wakes you up feeling livelier. Complexion removes toxins and strengthens skill cell repair for improved texture.

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As you can see each tea is it’s own weight reduction diet brewed with its own magical properties. Now we recommend experiencing it on your own. Purchase any of the above teas in both small and large bags on Tea Time’s official website and feel free to leave feedback on the company’s testimonial page.

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