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Do You Hang Your Pants Correctly?

It’s one of those mysteries of the universe on which everyone seems to have an opinion; just how do you properly hang your pants on a hanger? If you don’t do it right, you’ll end up with unseemly fold lines. A video on YouTube shows you how to hang your pants correctly in less than a minute.

According to the INTERVIEW: Client Liaison on the Not-So Subtle Art of the Party Shirt, the correct way to hang pants on a hanger is pretty simple, and nothing like what you think. Rather than hanging the pants by folding the legs midway and resting that fold on the hangar’s bar, instead, fold the pants in half at the waist to create a fold in the crotch. Then insert the top of the hanger into the fold at the crotch so that it is along the seam (it’s not as dirty as it sounds).

Then take one pant leg and fold it over the other half of the hangar. Repeat that process with the opposite leg. What you end up with is the pants on the outside of the hanger and hanging at a longer angle rather than the traditional 90 degree angle. The instructor promises that this method will eliminate the appearance of wrinkle lines caused by hanging your pants.

Comments on the video—as is the case with all videos, but especially instructional videos—run the gamut of positive and negative. Some complain about the looks of the pants in their closet, but which is more important, how the pants look hanging or how they look when you’re wearing them? If this method does eliminate fold lines, then who cares what they look like in your closet? There is the question of whether you’ll get longer dent lines from this method, but the best way to find out is to give it a try.

The video was presented by DIYallday, which was originally started as a “do it yourself” project channel. They’ve since started transforming it into a travel journal and a compilation of everyday activities. Now, the DIY in their name stands for “Did It Yesterday.” Still, every once in a while they come up with some pretty brilliant ideas.

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