Dogfish Head is Going Olde School

The guys at Dogfish Head have grown a lot since the summer of 1995. They have a brewery, distillery, restaurants and their very own inn. In 2017, they have reintroduced their Olde School Barleywine, that was originally launched back in 2002. It has a sweet, velvety and complex flavor according to the direct source.

olde school dogfish head wine logo

Their approach with this beer was add their unique touch to the traditional English barleywine. It has approximately 15 percent ABV, which means that this barleywine is perfect for cellaring. Over time, the beer begins to dry out, which allows the pit fruit flavours to stand out more over the traditional American hop taste of barleywine. As it continues to mature, the Olde School develops oxidative features that include honey and toffee flavours and decreases in its bitterness.

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