Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey Trailer Basecamp Package

As Paul Kelly sang in 1991, ‘from little things big things grow’ and it’s certainly true of the Journey Trailer Basecamp package from American tentmakers Free Spirit Recreation. It’s a lightweight trailer that folds out to reveal a spacious 9-foot tent without sacrificing any of the storage space in the trailer.

basecamp package convenient transport

Mounted directly onto the durable and compact trailer, the tent is made from heavy duty fabric making it suitable to use all year round, regardless of weather conditions. It comprises one and a half levels of sleeping area that can fit the whole family and packs up easily for convenient transport on almost any vehicle and comes in a range of colours.

basecamp package spirit recreation

Free Spirit Recreation also offer a selection of wheel and tire upgrades for those planning to go off-road, as well as lighting, awning and annex options to help you get the most out of the tent. Regardless, the Basecamp package certainly makes the most of what it’s been given and who can’t respect that?

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