Don’t Worry, Be Paqui

Inspired by the Aztec word Paqui that means ‘to be happy’, these tortilla chips are made from natural and organic ingredients using recipes that were perfected over many years. Even Paqui’s techniques were inspired by the Aztecs corn cooking and stone grinding. But you came for the chips, not an education.

Paqui offers gourmet flavours made using the best ingredients they could find. Hand roasted jalapeños, juiced fresh cilantro, grilled habanero as well as sea salt, nacho cheese and ghost pepper flavours. Paqui’s newest flavour is the Carolina Reaper Madness Chip. It’s one giant chip sealed in a packet shaped like a coffin and made from the hottest chili on the planet. All of the flavours are naturally nut, soy and gluten free. Happiness lies in the chip, the name says so.

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