101 Tokens Helps You Cut Back the Booze in 2020

Over five million Australians are drinking three or more times a week. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education also reports that each year, 144,000 people are hospitalised from alcohol poisoning, and related injuries and nearly 6,000 lives are lost. These statistics reveal alcohol as being one of our greatest health challenges.

No one is saying you should quit drinking – far from it. The point here is to be smarter about it. Benny Wallington is a Drinking Coach. He runs Smart Drinker programs for individuals and corporate groups encouraging men and women to make healthier choices on a night out. Beyond his online tools and personal coaching, Benny launched the app 101 Tokens, which places more accountability on users when they drink by asking “was it worth it?”

smarter drinking app

“By asking the question, our clients identify the patterns in their drinking, allowing them to replicate the good nights, then change or completely block out the shockers,” says Benny.

“Our coaching focuses on the grey area of Australian drinkers who need a tune-up; Those who are aware that it’s eating into their potential and need a little assistance. Once they’ve had the moment of self-realisation, we guide them to understand how drinking aligns to the lifestyle they want.”

Benny Wallington’s journey to Smart Drinking began four years ago when he was drinking 5+ times a week and suffering from anxiety with both affecting his work. With family members losing their lives to alcohol abuse, Benny knew something had to change. Since founding 101 Tokens, he has coached people from around the world in Smart Drinking; from students to high-level execs and seven-figure entrepreneurs.

If you want to make smarter choices about alcohol in 2020, head over to the 101 Tokens website via the link below. Or download the 101 Tokens app from your app store of choice and see if you can limit the booze and avoid becoming a statistic.

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