1800 Tequila’s Cocktails in the Sky is Sydney’s Newest Immersive Experience

It’s safe to say most people will agree that tequila tastings are fun. Now imagine a private premium tequila tasting whilst floating 50m above ground atop one of the most iconic harbours in the world… 1800 Tequila have done just that in beautiful Sydney Harbour, and trust us, it’s one of the most memorable immersive experiences we’ve encountered.

On Saturday afternoon 18 November, we were taken on an Agave journey with tequila legend and self-proclaimed mezcal ambassador of Australia, Phil Bayly. Whilst being suspended 50m above the ground, Phil shared stories about the rich history of the more than 200-year-old 1800 Tequila. The brand is home to three variations: the 1800 Silver; 1800 Resposado; and 1800 Añejo, each with a sophisticated complexity and character.

enjoying memorable 1800 tequila's in the sky

As a proud partner to Sydney’s newest immersive experience, Dinner In The Sky, 1800 Tequila showcased each of their 3 tequila’s in a mouth-watering, must-try cocktail and a great thing we noticed was, you could really tell the difference when using a premium tequila in your drinks. With the Harbour Bridge and Opera House as a backdrop, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to ease into the Saturday night sky.

Cheers 1800 Tequila.

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1800 tequila's cocktail type

1800 tequila's cocktail distribution

enjoying 1800 tequila's cocktail distribution

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