new fistful of bourbon

A Fistful of Dollars for a Fistful of Bourbon

Glenfiddich took a note from Clint Eastwood to name its new Fistful of Bourbon, but when you’re going to name your first “from the ground up” American whiskey release, why not choose an American icon that launched a genre? It just might be that the Scottish company is hoping to channel the success of a film that launched the spaghetti western and use that mojo to start its own string of successful releases.

Fistful of Bourbon is a blending of five straight bourbons that have been aged for at least two years. Brian Kinsman, William Grant & Sons’ master blender, describes the whiskey as being balanced and sweet. There’s also a green, leafy floral quality with soft spices and hints of nutmeg coming together with buttery toffee with cinnamon and licorice. The blend is bottled at 45 percent ABV and is available in 750ml and 50ml bottles.

William Grant and Sons’ aren’t just blending whiskeys, they’re also blending categories. They’ve taken the spaghetti western for the name of the whiskey and added a craft beer flare with the bottle design. Emily Ivers, senior brand manager for William Grant, cites craft beer’s reverence for the liquid and irreverent, fun, and playful attitude as inspiration for the design.

You might just hear the jangling of spurs when you open this bottle, but you will for sure experience an exceptional whiskey.

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