This Absolut Drop is All About Spreading the Love

Mick Jagger once mused “there are no absolutes in life, only vodka”, at Man of Many we tend to agree. So when we reach for a little libation we often find ourselves grabbing the Absolut from the shelf. Not ones to miss out on a chance to party, the fellas over at Absolut thought they’d come up with something a little bit special to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the historic Yes Vote in Australia.

Introducing the limited edition Absolut Drop.

absolut drop about spreading the love label

Featuring a limited edition bottle, the new Absolut Drop is has been designed with one purpose in mind – spread the love to anyone and everyone. Whether this love is platonic or romantic we’ll let the vodka decide but either way, the campaign and bottle celebrate the power that love has to make the world a more accepting and open world.

The bottle itself features the word love in myriad languages. From liebe to amour, each expression of passion is printed in ink that has been repurposed from hate signs around the world. Absolut traveled to racist and anti-LGBTQ protests to collect these hate signs beginning the transformation process of turning hate to love.

“We’re passionate about creating a more open world and we are excited to reveal Absolut Drop; the ultimate expression of this purpose,” said Eric Thomson, Absolut’s spokesman. “By bringing people together with a message of love, we can create a sign of solidarity and together drive positive change to create a brighter and more open world.”

Head down to your local bottle-o to pick up a bottle of the limited edition Absolut Drop. It’ll come in two colorways and go for a RRP$49.95.

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