Allpress Espresso Reboots Coffee Range, Brews Flavour Finder Website

Coffee roasters Allpress Espresso have re-imagined their coffee range and built a dedicated mobile website to help you find the perfect cup.

Allpress has simplified the morning ritual and avoided alienating coffee drinkers through hipster-ish industry terminology. Instead, Allpress settled on six coffees as the best way to express their spectrum of flavour. Each new name was thought of as a chapter in the Allpress story and speaks to the purpose of the coffee.

They are:

Allpress Espresso Blend – speaks to the brand’s coffee blending expertise.
A.R.T. Espresso Roast – a roasting innovation.
The Good Brew – is perfect for non-espresso brewing.
Browns Mill Organic – a dedication to their coffee farmers.
Haus Decaf – signifies that Allpress never compromises on flavour.
Our Coffee Galaxy – there are new flavours to explore and something to learn.

allpress espresso reboots coffee and pastry

Flavour Finder is a new dedicated mobile-only experience guiding coffee enthusiasts through the tasting of Allpress coffees. It goes beyond the “like” or “dislike,” investigating the why behind everyone’s favourite flavours. Users can compare the effects of each flavour on their own palate with other coffee drinkers via an aggregated flavour heat map.

“We have always respected that coffee is a treasured ritual for many people, and the quality of their morning flat white or long black can affect the rest of their day,” says Greg Glubb, General Manager for Allpress Espresso Australia.

“That is why we design for flavour, and coffee lovers can confidently go into any of the one-thousand-plus cafes we supply around the world and know they will get a great brew.”

The reimagined Allpress range is available now. You can find the Flavour Finder website via the link below.

Check it out

allpress espresso reboots coffee range close up

allpress espresso reboots coffee tasting notes

allpress espresso reboots coffee range packet

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