Aroma is the Focus of The Macallan’s Special Edition No. 3 Whisky

The Macallan distillery is indisputably home to one of the most acclaimed and popular named single malts in the wide world of whisky, but in spite of this, the brand keeps trying out new things and experimenting. A perfect example of this dedication to innovation is its line of special edition whiskies, a line of malts that goes deep into the different aspects of making whisky.

The distillery just debuted its latest and third instalment in the annual Edition Series. Created in collaboration with British perfumer Roja Parfums, the Special Edition No. 3 is an aroma-focused single malt, which is devoted to satisfying the olfactorial senses that make drinking great whisky so goddamn pleasing.

aroma macallan orange color whisky

Master whiskey maker Bob Dalgarno of The Macallan, worked with Master Perfumer Roja Dove to create a whiskey that showcases the complexities of the single malt character. The two worked closely to balance the aroma and taste of the whiskey.

Dalgarno created this malt using whiskies from six different barrels, while Dove went through each whiskey sample and described the notes of each taste and aroma to help Dalgarno form the final product.

The result is a malt that’s incredibly fresh and flavoursome. The aroma has hints of tangy orange, ripe peach, vanilla and cinnamon, while the palate is dry and fruity, but very powerful. There is a pleasant tingle of spice and sherry in the mid palate and the finish is long, dry and has hints of orange spice.

The Macallan Edition No. 3 malt is bottled at 48.3% ABV. It will be available globally although it is a limited release – just 250,000 bottles will be sold.

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