run wild non-alcoholic drink

Athletic Brewing Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA

Athletic Brewing Company, established just last year are already well known for their non-alcoholic brews. With a wide variety of offerings, they serve a niche market and they do it well. Recently they have added a new drink to their line, the Run Wild Non-Alcoholic IPA.

Made with Premium organic malts from both the US & Germany, a clever blend of Northwest hops, celebrating Citra and Mosaic at the forefront, Run Wild is the ultimate sessionable IPA. The understated, but carefully crafted malt profile is more complex than you might imagine for a non-alcoholic beer, but delivers a smooth finish that keeps you reaching for another can.

At less than 70 calories, Run Wild is an extremely appealing non-alcoholic option and is just as refreshing as it is beautifully cased. With basic, but intriguing can graphics, Athletic Brewing Co. has delivered and excellent complete product experience from purchase to first sip.

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