Top 10 Trending Gins for 2018 as Ranked by Drinks International

For another year, Drinks International magazine has published its revered Annual Brands Report, which outlines not just the top sellers in each spirit category, but the top trending products too (scroll to the bottom for the whole “what’s hot” list of gins). In a happy twist of fate for small South Australian distillers Never Never, their juniper-heavy gin has come in at number seven on the trending list; the only Australian brand to feature.

With European brands dominating the field (just one Japanese distillery features as the only other non-British or Continental expression on either list) it’s a huge pat on the back for co-founder and Director of Sales and Marketing Sean Baxter, who launched the brand in July last year.

“It’s incredible to think of what we’ve been able to achieve in six months. We’ve only just scratched the surface here in Australia so it’s exciting to think where we’re going to be in another six” says Baxter.

never distillers never australia gin

The Triple Juniper gin, which harks back to the richer and more juniper-driven gins of old, displays a big front palate with a pleasant sweetness and viscosity, and a bold flavour that coats the mouth and makes it especially perfect for cocktails or drinking on the rocks.

“The appeal of the brand lies in a return to flavour, a return to the classic characteristics and traditional ingredients that make a gin special” adds Baxter. “We have amplified the juniper flavour to create a product that stands up in classic cocktails and is never lost in a gin and tonic.”

Highly respected in the booze and bar industry, the list is compiled after surveying the top 100 bars in the world, to garner an accurate representation of what punters are drinking, and also what’s captured the connoisseurs of the globe’s collective interest.

never never distilling co gin

“Simply put, the Brands Report is based around a poll of the best bars in the world,” says Hamish Smith, Editor at Drinks International. “As we know, a best-selling brand, even in the best bars in the world, earns its place on more than taste, so we also wanted to know the brands that are not necessarily doing huge volumes but have cool-appeal right now. This is where the Top Trending lists come in. are the brands customers are increasingly asking for, perhaps because of word-of-mouth or even on bartenders’ recommendations.”

While it’s encouraging to see the likes of Never Never among the greats, there’s little doubt that they’ll be breaking past the small-distillery category if they keep getting attention like this. Grab a bottle now (the batches are numbered on the label) and you can say you liked them before it was cool.

The full list of top trending gins for 2018 is below.

Never Never Distilling Co.

Drinks International

The Drinks International Top Trending Gin Brands 2018

  1. Monkey 47
  2. Tanqueray
  3. Hendrick’s
  4. Citadelle
  5. Fords
  6. Bombay Sapphire
  7. Never Never Distilling Co.
  8. Ki No Bi
  9. Sipsmith
  10. Gin Mare

never never australian gin

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