Balvenie Reveals a Scotch 50-Years in the Making

You’re not going to be drinking the Balvenie 50 year old single malt scotch blend for just any occasion. The new scotch retails at $38,000 a bottle and it’s very limited—only 131 bottles are for sale. The whisky is so expensive that it tops’s list of the most expensive whiskies currently on sale around the world.

Balvenie 50-Year Scotch

The whisky was first put to cask on May 28, 1963. That was just one year after Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE came to the distillery. “Marrying aged whsiky stocks is undoubtedly one of the most challenging, yet enjoyable faets of my role as The Balvenie Malt Master,” says Stewart. Even with his credentials and experience, Stewart is still mastering his craft. “Despite enjoying more than 55 years int eh business, I’m still discovering and learning new things about the science and art of whisky making,” says Stewart. The 50-Year Scotch Blend clearly shows that Stewart has forgotten more than most of us will ever know, so for him to say that he is still learning even on this blend, you know it must be something special.

Balvenie Scotch Blend

For 50 years, the whisky aged in two European oak hogsheads. Now, today, the whisky is a “beautiful single malt with a deep reddish hue and exceptionally full taste, characterized by dark fruits and spice.” The whisky was bottled at 45.4 percent ABV. On the nose, you’ll pick up an initial oakiness that is both rich and deep followed by the sweet of raisins and sultanas. A subtle ginger spiciness finishes of the bouquet. When you do take a drink on that fateful and special moment, you’ll taste dark fruits, especially cherries and blackberries, followed by a burst of ground ginger, cinnamon, and allspice. Slowly developing throughout the experience is an oak tannin and sweetness that resolves itself into rich and spicy dried fruits.

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