Bearded Iris Homestyle Isn’t Worried about Variety

Bearded Iris hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and they offer a whole slough of different beers. That portfolio weighs heavily toward IPAs, DIPAs, and pales. Bearded Iris admits that their offering may seem limited—but that’s intentional. “It can appear that we don’t, in fact, cultivate much ‘variety,’” states the Bearded Iris web site. “But here’s the thing: we’re not looking to bombard you with a checklist of styles. Instead, we know that each hop varietal and every intentionally selected ingredient contains a multitude of possibilities that can be deliberately unlocked and unleashed, then honed and hemmed in tightly, to construct a pint that’s unapologetically itself, memorably composed, and fun to drink. Every time. Regardless of style. To us, that’s the variety worth cultivating.” And no other offering more fully reflects that philosophy then the Bearded Iris Homestyle.

Deemed “the one that start it all,” Homestyle is a mosaic-only IPA that goes heavy on the oats while retaining a citrus kick. It’s a “hoppy” beer that gives “fruity and fragrant nuances of hops.” With only a 6 percent ABV, it’s a beer that you can enjoy without worry.

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