Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon Raises the Floor

It was 30 years ago that Booker Noe started distilling whiskey with the intention of creating the perfect drop. The first batch was given his name—Booker’s Bourbon—and ever since, the distillery has been producing one of the best whiskeys in the world. To celebrate the 30-year milestone, Fred Noe, Booker’s son, has announced a special, extra-aged, limited edition Booker’s Bourbon.

Booker’s 30th anniversary bourbon is a blend of 70 per cent nine-year-old and 30 per cent 16-year-old bourbon, selected by Fred Noe, who is the Beam Family’s seventh generation master distiller. The nine-year-old gives a lot of vanilla and fruit to the flavour, while the 16-year-old fills out the fruit flavour and adds chocolate. It’s bottled at 125.8 proof (62.9 per cent ABV).

Making the limited edition even more special, the bottle arrives in a box made of wood reclaimed from the floors of the rickhouses in Clermont. After redoing the floors, the company kept the boards, waiting for the right opportunity to use them. That opportunity appeared with the release of the 30th anniversary bourbon. So not only will you receive an excellent whiskey, you’ll also receive a box that shares the history of Booker and Fred Noe.

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