Breville’s Sommelier Decanter Brings Wine to its Full Potential in Minutes

Breville just launched an innovative wine decanter that’s smarter, faster, and capable of bringing wine to its full potential in minutes.

The Sommelier speeds up traditional decanting times by sending purified oxygen through its specially designed carafe and into the base of the decanter, allowing the oxygen to caress every precious drop.

One minute of oxygenation in The Sommelier is equivalent to an hour of traditional decanting. It provides wine lovers the freedom to spontaneously entertain for reduced planning and preparation time.

breville sommelier decanter sample

So why decant? Well, according to Ben Moechtar, one of Australia’s leading sommeliers, decanting can bring life to wine, and enhance the dining experience.

“Decanting removes sediment, which allows a diner to enjoy a wine that would otherwise be cloudy, it also aerates the wine, softening any rough edges and assists in wine evolution,” said Moechtar.

“A proper decant benefits more than just red, this innovation is perfect for breathing life into all wines, including white wines as well as spirits such as whiskey and cognac,” adds Phil McKnight, Global Beverage Business Manager, Breville.

The Breville Sommelier is available now for all your last minute decanting needs. You can buy one for RRP $699. There’s also an option for a smaller 200ml carafe.

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breville sommelier decanter front view

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