Budweiser and Jim Beam Partner on Reserve Black Lager

What could possibly be more American than Budweiser and Jim Beam Reserve pairing up to make a reserve black lager? The limited-supply brew is the second time the brewer and the distiller have partnered up, the first being to produce the Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager, which is also back due to popular demand.

Budweiser x Jim Beam Reserve Black Lager

The Black Lager comes in with an ABV of 7.1 percent and is aged on six-year Jim Beam bourbon barrel staves. A press release from Budweiser explains, “The charred American oak staves, which previously served as barrels aging Jim Beam for four years, create a toasted oak aroma, while the beer has a deliciously nutty taste with caramel rye and vanilla notes and the classically smooth Budweiser finish.” The result of using the barrel staves is a lager that has a bolder taste and a dark auburn color. An oaky aroma accented with coffee and chocolate notes leads to a toasted malt taste with a smooth finish. VP of Marketing Core and Value Brands for Anheuser-Busche, Ricardo Marques, said of the brew, “Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager proved that when Budweiser and Jim Beam collaborate, good things happen. For the second collaboration between Bud and Beam, we wanted to brew something unique that would excite both beer lovers and bourbon aficionados. Budweiser Reserve Black Lager is a bold, bourbon-forward beer that’s perfect for the holidays.” From October through December, those “beer lovers and bourbon aficionados” can pick up the Black lager in a premium 22-ounce bomber bottle gift box while supplies last. The Copper Lager will be available through March 2020.

From the sounds of it, the only things missing from this collaboration are a hot dog and stadium seats at a good baseball game and you’ll have the quintessential American experience.

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