Bulletproof Whisky Vault Protects Your Investment

If you pay attention to the price of good whiskies, you’ll see the need for a bulletproof whiskey vault. You may not be the winner of the $1.1 million bottle of Macallan Valerio Adami 60-year-old whisky, but no doubt you still want to protect your prize collection. Whisky Vault offers a bulletproof vault made of solid steel plate. One side of the safe consists of a bullet-proof window, providing an alluring view of your entire collection.

The safe features multiple vault door locking bolts and a slide construction for easier access to your bottles when the safe is open. A tri-spoke handle machined from aircraft aluminium opens and closes the door.

The safe sits on a cabinet made of exotic wood. Four 800kg capacity levelling casters allow you to easily move the entire unit, placing it wherever you please even when fully loaded (the safe, not you). The piece looks and feels solid, and it will definitely protect your liquors, but it is also a handsome piece. It’s not something that you’ll have to hide away. You can keep it out in the open without ruining the décor, or having to worry about anyone getting into it.

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inner look bulletproof vault

side view upper whiskey vault

side view whiskey vault .

bulletproof vault front side