The Cannabis Company Distills World’s First Hemp Gin

The Cannabis Company has just released the world’s first gin distilled using cannabis…and it’s already sold out. Thankfully, the Melbourne brand is taking orders for a second batch that’s guaranteed arrive for Christmas.

The innovative new spirit is named “The Myrcene Hemp Gin” referring to Myrcene, the essential oil found in cannabis and the backbone of this gin. Myrcene is said to contain the perfect balance between earthy and fruity.

On the nose, Myrcene Hemp Gin blends bubblegum aromas with lavender, pine forest and sage. Soft tones of violet interact on the palate with woodland flavours of rosemary and resin, cloves and woody spices. A long, complex finish and a rich mouthfeel.

The Cannabis Company recommends pouring its gin over a wedge of fresh lemon and pairing it with a premium tonic. Try it with a sprig of fresh rosemary to bring out the piney aromas.

cannabis company hemp gin

Despite the sustainability and proven medicinal benefits of cannabis, Australian law doesn’t allow products to display the cannabis leaf, bud or seed on labels. Even if it’s a key ingredient.

“We’ve got nothing against hippies,” explains Cormac Sheehan, Co-owner, Cannabis Company. “But the public image of the cannabis plant is still stuck in the ’60s.

“It’s unfortunate, as this plant has a million applications as a food, a medicine, a textile, even as a sustainable fire-resistant building material.”

The Cannabis Company designed a sophisticated label for the bottle. It doesn’t display the cannabis plant, making it more suited to blend with the finest spirits in your collection.

This gin is not the only beverage to make use of the “Tree of Life.” Recently Newtown brewery Young Henrys partnered with Afends for Hemp IPA. Young Henrys decided to take the piss out of the laws by designing a “no-frills” police label for the can.

Cannabis gin is small-batch, crafted in Healesville Victoria. The initial release was limited to just 300 bottles. Pre-orders are open for the second batch. It’s priced at AUD$99. Sign up for the Cannabis Company mailing list to save 10 per cent on your first order.

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