Change the Drinking Experience with the Norlan Whisky Glass Vaild Black Edition

How do you make drinking whisky better without changing the whisky at all? Change the glass.

At least that seemed to be the philosophy of the folks over at Norlan Glass, with their wildly inventive set of Vaild – Black Edition glasses, which were created to create a truly blind nosing experience. That’s because, as their name suggests, the outside of the glasses are a matte black, impenetrable to light and hiding what is inside the glass itself. Inside is a glass inner wall that confines the whisky and its scent as it is brought to your lips, forcing the smell and taste sense to take over for your sight.

norlan whisky glass upper view

Norlan Glass gets a lot more poetic about the whole experience of course and the glasses look like something out of a fantasy novel with warlocks, lords and dragons. But the fact is, the interior of the Vaild – Black Edition is purely designed with aromatics in mind. With most other glasses from which alcohol is drunk, ethanol and aromatics are released at the same time, but with the Vaild – Black Edition the ethanol is released early and only aromatics remain. That little difference alone transforms the entire experience of drinking whisky—or any other type of alcohol for that matter—out of the glass.

Pre-order now so you can have the Vaild – Black Edition before it’s the next big thing.

Check it out

norlan whisky glass black upper view

black norlan whisky glass side view

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