Conor McGregor Tackles Irish Whiskey With Proper No. Twelve

Already a global icon for his fighting skills and fashion sense, Mixed Martial Arts World Champion Conor McGregor has at long last unveiled Proper No. Twelve, his signature blend of Irish whiskey. Named for Dublin 12–the district in which McGregor grew up–the whiskey represents a collaboration between the seasoned fighter and Master Distiller David Elder. Together, the two gentlemen tasted over 100 blends, until finally landing on the finished product, a smooth sipper that’s inspired by McGregor’s love of Ireland and Irish whiskey alike.

conor mcgregor proper twelve whiskey bottle

After developing his whiskey under the “Notorious” label, McGregor eventually went with the name Proper No. Twelve instead. And while the common perception is that McGregor ran into legal troubles regarding the trademark, he’d reportedly decided to change the name as far back as last year. Regardless of the reasons behind the decision, Proper No. Twelve is a better name in our opinion, as “Notorious” sounds a little too on the nose. After all, there are numerous celebrities who own or endorse specific spirits, but virtually none who put their name or nickname on the bottle. By taking one step back, McGregor lets the whiskey speak for itself.

conor mcgregor proper twelve whiskey with party

And speak for itself that whiskey does. Triple distilled at the Old Bushmills Distillery (i.e. the world’s oldest whiskey distillery), and bottled at 40% ABV, Proper No. Twelve delivers a pleasant nose of honey, almond, and malted barley. The taste likewise opens with notes of grain and sugar, before segueing into a mellow, spicy body of malted barley, which trails into the finish. Thanks to the prominence of grain, the whiskey does indeed seem to put the essence of Ireland in a bottle. To that end, this is a spirit that both McGregor and his hometown can be proud of.

conor mcgregor proper twelve whiskey drinking

For its initial rollout, Proper No. Twelve is targeting the respective American and Irish markets, though surely a global expansion is in the works. Meanwhile, $5 out of every case sold will go toward first responder organisations and charities in the state or country where the sale takes place. Indeed, there’s simply no shortage of reasons to score a bottle of Conor McGregor’s flagship spirit, and just in time for the upcoming match against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Cheers to that!

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