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Coravin’s New Timeless Six+ Bundle is the Wine-Lover’s Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s hard to believe that Coravin was founded over 11 years ago, so seamlessly has it become part of the wine industry lexicon, not to mention how new and shiny it still manages to feel. I think this can be attributed both to the brand’s savvy and subtle product updates as much as the drink innovation taking place on the production side of things. While that side is a little more out of the line of sight, it’s never far from this writer’s mind, and for good reason.

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Coravins new timeless six 1

Coravin Timeless Six+ bundle | Image: Coravin

I’ve been using a Coravin in some form or other for about six years now. In short, it’s changed how the on-premise operates; from how we’re able to order a really nice glass in a restaurant or bar to how suppliers and distributors present their products for tastings. The history of the product founded by Greg Lambrecht, along with its preservation qualities, has been well documented, in this publication and countless others. Less written about is the gift that really gives us; choice.

I’ve been handed the newest iteration, the Timeless Six+, to test drive. Updates on previous models include a patterned grip, smart clamps to make sure your John Daly ‘grip it and rip it’ energy is left out on the golf course, and an overall sleeker package highlighted by colourways such as ‘piano black’ and ‘midnight blue’. Realising that any headliner is nothing without its supporting acts, the team at Coravin only offer the Timeless Six+ as a package; unit, six screw tops, three charges, an aerator (the hidden gem here…use it, thank me later) and an easy travel case. It’s a smart bit of sales seeing as you need all of these additions to get the most out of the product.

For those of us who drink fairly regularly, finishing a bottle in one night, let alone spread over two, is a pretty simple process. But say I want to make a nice romantic dinner for a special someone ( myself..) and want to wine pair – three bottles starts to be a hefty evening. Five courses? Cue Ralph Wiggum giggling ‘I’m in danger’.

Coravins new timeless six

Coravin Timeless Six+ bundle | Image: Coravin

Even if you do decide to open a few nice bottles, as the week goes on you feel that nagging urge to finish them, school-day hangovers be damned. Through this magical, sleek little device invented by a man who made surgical needles, I have the powers of preservation at the tips of my fingers. And what does that give me?

“Unlimited power!?!”

Calm down Darth Sidious…Choice. The choice to start with a white and finish with a sticky, then repeat the process months or years later if I so desire. The choice to vertical taste a decade of Grange. The choice to taste a vintage incrementally to see how it’s drinking. The choice to just get excited when friends are over and open absolutely everything and then put them away and do it all again without that feeling of regret.

With Christmas Day rapidly approaching and Dad well past his glory days except for during footy finals and on the Boxing Day stretch, Coravin are offering great savings across their portfolio. If you’re still on the fence, buy one for Dad, engage that handy travel pack and test it out a few times. Sail off into the sunset as the golden child…

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