Count Australia in with Adelaide Hills Distillery Native Grain Whiskey

Adelaide Hills Distillery makes an interesting point: there’s Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, and bourbon whiskey, but no purely Australian “whiskey” in terms of unique style that doesn’t adopt another country’s methods. That’s where Adelaide Hills is looking to make its mark by creating a truly Australian whiskey.

That vision started many years ago with Sacha La Forgia. “Early on I was driven not o replicate a whiskey perfected by another country,” states La Forgia, “but to research and develop a whiskey that was totally reflective of Australia both in its modern form and tens of thousands of years of history.”

This idea has led to the Native Grain Whiskey.

native grain whiskey

To create that whiskey, the wattleseed was selected. Wattleseed grows in the desert and is a hardy plant that requires very little water. The indigenous people of Australia have long used Wattleseed. With over 100 different species in existence, years of sampling and selecting the right species was required. So far Sacha has experimented with wattleseed, kangaroo grass, spinifex and saltbush seed to get that signature Australian flavour.

Winner of this year’s Best Australian Grain Whiskey at the World Whiskies Awards, Native Grain has a strong chocolate and nut flavour thanks to the wattleseed. Coming off the palate, the whiskey finishes with a citrusy, toasted cereal note.

The first run was only a short one, so curious whiskey aficionados may have to wait until the next batch.

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