Garrison Bros. 2020 Cowboy Bourbon

Cowboy Up before Requesting Garrison Bros. Cowboy Bourbon

Maybe someone has told you before that it’s time to “cowboy up.” The phrase is used to suggest that you need to step up your game, fight through the pain, and be a man’s man. Texas-based distillery Garrison Brothers is cowboying up with their new whiskey, the 2020 Cowboy Bourbon. The limited-edition whiskey comes out every year and it definitely lives up to the cowboy name with a tough as nails 133.9 proof (66.95 percent ABV).

For the 2020 blend, Garrison Brothers pulled from 100 different barrels from master distiller Donnis Todd’s top-shelf selections, and they left it pure, uncut, and unfiltered. Garrison Brothers describes the bourbon as having a “deceptive aroma of firewater, firewood, and freshly cut cedar.” Not only is the scent reminiscently cowboy, the distillery also promises that it “clears sinuses instantly.” If you can get past the scent, then you’re in for a palate experience that is unique and unrivaled. When it comes to flavor, the Cowboy Bourbon has “unexpected sweet flavors of caramel candy, toasted figs, scorched molasses, toasted honey, plum jelly, creamy coffee liqueur, sugary cinnamon apple pie sugar, and crust.” That’s a lot to pack into a single whiskey. Perhaps Garrison Brothers sums it up best, stating that the Cowboy Bourbon is “gum-puckering, tongue-numbing oily goodness.”

Only a select few were able to participate in the drive-thru purchase event on Saturday, September 26—1,000 people to be exact. But don’t worry if you missed out on that event. You still have a chance to prove if you’re cowboy enough to handle this bourbon. Another 5,768 bottles were distributed across 35 states. Each bottle is priced at $199. If you think you’ve got what it takes to handle Garrison Brothers’ 2020 Cowboy Bourbon, then cowboy up and saunter on over to your local saloon and ask for a glass.

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