Crafters Aromatic Flower Gin Uses Ancient Magic in its Distillation

Crafter’s unabashedly admits that it uses alchemy principles in the distillation of their Aromatic Flower Gin. Of course, that’s a marketing ploy, but the connection is still there. Inspired by the alchemical hope of transforming one substance into another, Crafter’s came up with a gin that actually changes color. Thanks to the rose hip flower extract in the gin, when combined in a classic cocktail with tonic, the gin will turn a light pink in color.

Rose hip isn’t the only flavor that you’ll pick up on with this gin. Crafter’s has infused their Aromatic Flower Gin with 12 aromatic botanicals: meadowsweet, rose, elderflower, fennel, lemon, yuzu, rose hip flower, lavender, chamomile, juniper berry, orange, and coriander. The result is a rich bouquet for the nose, and a sweet taste offset by crisp juniper berries and the exotic flavor of yuzu.

Crafter’s uses their century-old copper pot, affectionately nicknamed “Mamma Ilse”, to distill the botanicals. The pot also served as the inspiration for the gin’s bottle.

Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin hales from Tallinn, Estonia. While the gin promises to be a pleasure to drink, it also represents a chance to mix in some business. They’re looking for distributors to help put their products in the hands of businesses around the world.

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