Dalmore 49-year Scotch Is a Unique One-Off with a Special Purpose

Distilleries don’t typically do batches of one, but that’s exactly what the Dalmore 49-year-old Scotch being offered at Sotheby’s is. Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson partnered with Italian chef Massimo Bottura to create a single bottle of Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.

dalmore scotch

The whiskey was made from three unique assemblages and comes presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter with a sterling silver collar and stopper. The bottle comes in a handcrafted wooden cabinet made of Italian olive, American black walnut, and ebony. The buyer of the bottle will also win a dinner for two at Massimo’s restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy.

A three Michelin star restaurant, the Osteria Francescana has been ranked in the top five at The World’s Best Restaurants Awards since 2010. Proceeds from the sale will go to benefit Massimo’s non-profit organization, Food for Soul, which has the mission of promoting awareness about food wastage and hunger.

Dalmore 49-Year Scotch

On the experience of working with Paterson, Massimo stated, “When Master Distiller Richard Paterson and I met in Modena, it was a true meeting of the minds. Our creative processes seamlessly fused together with our passion and deep understanding of flavour complexity and connection to create a very special bottle that brings together some of the most precious scotch whiskey barrels in the world.”

Paterson stated, “The coming together of our passions allowed me to create a whiskey that is bold, different, full of warmth and completely unforgettable.”

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