Embrace the Legend with The Archeaologist Gin

Gin is a tough liquor to get right, but when you find a fine gin, there are few alcoholic beverages that are better. Those behind The Archaeologist gin know this—whether it’s the legend the Most interesting Man in the World-type marketing says created these gins in motorcycle obsessed Uwe Ehinger, who apparently decided to start making gin while searching the world high and low for rare bikes… or it’s just the company Ehinder Kraftad.

archaeologist gin spirit products type

Regardless, true thought and care and craftsmanship has been put into these three types of gin, with a broad range of flavor for each that will satisfy the most experienced and sensitive gin drinker out there. Each type of gin from The Archeaologist—Flathead, Knucklehead and Panhead—have their own stories, legends if you will, named after motorcycles their legendary creator found on his travels and was inspired to distil them for. Each bottle each has a part of a motorcycle in it. Literally. Sealed with food grade tin, it’s not exaclt ‘infused’, but we like the idea.

Beyond the taste of the gin itself though, is the packaging, which is designed to recreate the packaging of handmade motorcycle parts of the 1930s and 1940s, along with a bottle that is custom made by Karl Schmid glassworks.

For once, there’s a product that is both style and substance at the same time, making The Archaeologist stand apart in both look and taste from all it’s competitors.

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