Espresso Veloce Royale 01 Espresso Machine Supes Up Coffee

With a name that sounds like it should be for a Formula 1 racer, the Espresso Veloce Royale 01 Espresso Machine is an impressive piece of hardware in its own right. Super Veloce is a South African company that has built a name for itself by creating automotive-inspired coffee makers. The Royale 01 just might be their most impressive yet.

espresso veloce royale cup

The Royale 01 is built to look like a V12, and much like the engine, it is made of the highest quality materials. Aerospace-grade aluminium, stainless steel, and titanium were all used to create this espresso maker, but what sets this one apart from other products by Espresso Veloce is the addition of 18-carat gold, diamonds, and a Royal Purple amethyst. The thermoset is even made of gold lead-carbon fibre. As you might imagine, given the materials, this unit will only be available in a limited edition. The Royale 01 is precision engineered in Germany.

espresso veloce royale top

The Royale comes with a set of four espresso cups. A bank of 12 “velocity stacks” and “exhaust pipes” completes the look of the engine, with the right-hand bank of exhaust pipes serving as the espresso dispensers. The maker uses capsules and also features an integrated grappa dispenser. Measuring 380mm x 420mm wide x 340mm high and only weighing 28kg, the Royale 01 will fit nicely on any counter.

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espresso veloce machine gold color

top view espresso

side view espresso machine