F*** Trump and His Stupid F****** Wall Isn’t Political, or is It?

If you’re going to make a political statement, then why not slap it on the label of a premium liquor? That way you’re feeling pretty good about your views after a few heartfelt toasts.

That wasn’t exactly the motive behind Copenhagen-based Empirical Spirits dubbing their new spirit “F*** Trump and His Stupid F****** Wall.” They claim that the name is more “an exclamation of exhaustion” than a political statement. Regardless of their motives, and your personal feelings, it’s hard to argue against this drink not having a flavour that you’ll love. Nordic Food Lab alums Mark Emil Hermansen and Lars Williams came up with the blend, which is quite a feat considering that the duo had limited experience in the alcohol business. The partnership developed a new process from scratch that included a process involving a 99 percent vacuum distilling at 5 degrees Celsius—which allows the liquid to boil without heat, thus maintaining the flavour.

Emperical’s spirit has a 27 percent alcohol proof, and is made from barley that is fermented into koji using an Aspergillus Oryzae fungi and a Belgian saison yeast. Empirical added in a habanero vinegar to rectify the tang from the habanero peppers they used for flavour (about a kilo per bottle). Meant to be enjoyed solo, the liquor is smooth, warm, and vegetal.

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