Fellow’s Ode Coffee Grinder Starts Your Brewing Obsession

Get ready to venture down the rabbit hole. With coffee, you can get lost in the art and science of brewing the perfect cup. Many people fixate on the origin of the bean, getting the perfect temperature, finding the proper viscosity, and getting the brew time down to Swiss precision. While all of that may be important, it’s all moot if you don’t have the right grind. If you’re staring down the barrel of creating the perfect cup of coffee, then get the right start with a Fellow Ode Brew Grinder.

Coffee at top of Grinder

The Ode Brew Grinder is available for pre-order on the company’s fully funded Kickstarter campaign. The grinder is simple enough—it has a blocky design that has a large dial on the front to control the mechanism. The “nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design” who are behind this grinder put plenty of thought into how it will be used, and how it can simplify the coffee brewing process. Having a small hopper for the grinder forces coffee makers to keep beans stored properly in a container that will keep them fresh rather than in the hopper itself. The large dial offers 33 settings that range from cold-brew coarse to espresso fine. When the coffee is ground, the results are captured in a magnetically placed catcher that helps to keep you counter clean. Perhaps the best feature of this grinder is that it abandons the raucous roar of other appliances, opting instead for a reconfigured hopper and a streamlined motor that reduce the noise substantially. Sleeping occupants in your home or coworkers in nearby cubicles will be beyond grateful for the reduced noise.

Fellow ode Coffee Grinder

Fellow estimates the delivery of the Ode Brew Grinder to be sometime in August 2020—just enough time for you to start mastering all the other qualities of a well-brewed cup of coffee. You can get yours reserved for $299.

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Fellow Coffee Grinder front

Fellow Coffee Grinder switch on

Fellow Coffee Grinder side view

Fellow Coffee Grinder