Fireball Giving Away Love-Heart Boxes Filled with Mini 50ml Bottles is All We Need this Valentine’s Day

In an attempt to rid the world of lame Valentine’s Day Gifts, Fireball has created a love-heart shaped box filled with mini 50ml bottles that might just be the answer to all our gift anxiety prayers.

Bearing the message “Chocolate is for amateurs”, it is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your non-boring lover. It’s a gift that says love, passion, fire and adventure all in one, what more could you ask for? What makes it even more special is that these boxes of pure joy are super limited. So limited, in fact, that you can’t buy them anywhere in Australia.

Instead, Fireball gave them away for FREE to their fans on Facebook and Instagram. All you had to do was follow them, tag your Valentine in one of their posts and describe your loved one with emojis whereafter “the cinnamon prince cupid” then picked his favourite and juiciest emoji comments as winners.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on one of these heart-shaped boxes, why not just make your own?  All you need is a whole bunch of Fireball mini’s and a little creativity. It’s that easy.

Like the age-old saying goes “Life is like a box of Fireball, it provides joy to all who experiences it” – or something like that.

Love your work Fireball. Love your work.

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