From Deep in their Archives Macallan Debuts the 72 Years Old in Lalique

Macallan, hailing from Speyside, has unveiled a 72 year old Scotch whisky that was distilled just after World War II. What makes this whisky even more remarkable, aside from being the oldest single malt whisky ever released by the company, is that its release comes just on the heels of Macallan auctioning off a 60 year old bottle for just over $1.1 million, making it the most expensive whisky ever sold, beating out its two predecessors (which were, oddly enough, also Macallans). Such a rare vintage merits a particular title, and Macallan has dubbed it The Macallan 72 Years Old in Lalique—The Genesis Decanter.

malt whiskey 72 years macallan

The whisky comes in a bespoke crystal decanter and a custom presentation case that celebrates Macallan’s new distillery and home. The box the decanters come in represent the curved roof of the new distillery as well as the footprint of the circular layout of the three new still houses. Sparing now expense on the crystal only goes to show how rare the liquid inside is. The Scotch is 42 percent ABV and has notes of sweet oak and peat smoke that are followed up with fruit. Only 600 bottles of the 72 Years Old will be made available and will come in 750-millileter bottles, each priced at $65,000.

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old single malt whiskey 72 years old macallan

72 years old macallan debut

scotch whiskey macallan lalique

macallan box 72 years old

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