GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers Gulped and Awarded

If you live in Australia, now is definitely a good time to be a beer lover. Indeed, every year the craft scene continues to expand and grow, putting more cold, carbonated flavour in our mouths and stomachs than ever before. For the best of the best, look no further than the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers from the GABS Festival. And what is the GABS Festival you might ask? Just one of the top twenty beer festivals in the world, according to The Beer Connoisseur Magazine. Since 2011, the festival has been putting Aussie and New Zealand craft beers in the spotlight, and holding the Hottest 100 Beers poll every December. 2017’s results are in.

To say that pale ales dominate the list would be an understatement. That is, literally almost every single slot is occupied by an American pale ale or an IPA. Topping off the list (and jumping up three spots from 2016) is the ‘XPA’, an American Pale Ale from QLD’s Balter Brewing Company. Not only did the independently crafted beer take home the gold in the GABS poll, it was also awarded the Best International Pale Ale by the AIBA in 2017. From what we’ve heard, the crowd-pleasing beer delivers a fruity, tropical and floral punch to the taste buds. Suffice to say, we know what we’re ordering next time we see this sudsy stunner on tap or at the store.

Generally speaking, the list featured no shortage of new entries, as well a slew of beers from independent brewers. Australian for beer, indeed–these guys are definitely making the continent proud. You can scope the entries for yourself by checking out the list below:

  1. ‘XPA’ American Pale Ale (Balter, QLD)*
  2. ‘Pacific Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Stone & Wood, NSW)*
  3. ‘Crankshaft’ American IPA (BentSpoke, ACT)*
  4. ‘Newtowner’ Australian Pale Ale (Young Henrys, NSW)*
  5. ‘Single Fin’ International Pale Ale (Gage Roads, WA)*
  6. ‘Mosaic’ American IPA (Pirate Life, SA) NEW
  7. ‘IPA’ American IPA (Balter, QLD)* NEW
  8. ‘Jedi Juice’ New England IPA (Hop Nation, VIC)* NEW GABS
  9. ‘Beechworth Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Bridge Road, VIC)*
  10. ‘KRUSH!’ American Pale Ale (KAIJU!, VIC)*
  11. ‘Little Dove’ International Pale Ale (Gage Roads, WA)*
  12. ‘Former Tenant’ Red IPA (Modus Operandi, NSW)*
  13. ‘IIPA’ Double IPA (Pirate Life, SA)
  14. ‘Hop Hog’ American Pale Ale (Feral, WA)
  15. ‘IPA’ American IPA (Pirate Life, SA)
  16. ‘Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (4 Pines, NSW)
  17. ‘Juicy’ New England IPA (3 Ravens, VIC)* NEW
  18. ‘Future Factory’ Double IPA (Modus Operandi, NSW)* NEW
  19. ‘Back To The Brewer’ New England IPA (Mountain Goat, VIC) NEW
  20. ‘Pale Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Black Hops, QLD)* NEW
  21. ‘Sonic Prayer’ American IPA (Modus Operandi, NSW)*
  22. ‘One Fifty Lashes’ Australian Pale Ale (James Squire, NSW)
  23. ‘Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Pirate Life, SA)
  24. ‘Sprocket’ American IPA (BentSpoke, ACT)* NEW
  25. ‘Coast Ale’ California Common (Capital, ACT)*
  26. ‘Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Little Creatures, WA/VIC)
  27. ‘Barley Griffin’ Australian Pale Ale (BentSpoke, ACT)*
  28. ‘Trail Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Capital, ACT)*
  29. ‘Wild Yak’ Australian Pale Ale (Yak Ales, VIC)
  30. ‘IPA’ American IPA (Fixation, NSW)*
  31. ‘VPA’ American Pale Ale (Nail, WA)*
  32. ‘War Hog’ American IPA (Feral, WA)
  33. ‘XPA’ International Pale Ale (Philter, NSW)* NEW
  34. ‘Vanilla Milk Stout’ Sweet Stout (Thirsty Crow, NSW)*
  35. ‘Atomic’ American Pale Ale (Gage Roads, WA)*
  36. ‘Windjammer’ American IPA (Green Beacon, QLD)*
  37. ‘Kolsch’ Kölsch (4 Pines, NSW)
  38. ‘Furphy Refreshing Ale’ Kölsch (Furphy, VIC)
  39. ‘India Red Ale’ Specialty IPA (Prancing Pony, SA)*
  40. ‘The Matriarch’ New England IPA (CoConspirators, VIC)* NEW
  41. ‘Indian Summer Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (4 Pines, NSW)
  42. ‘Throwback’ American IPA (Pirate Life, SA)
  43. ‘Pilsner’ German Pilsner (Balter, QLD)* NEW
  44. ‘Korben D.’ Double IPA (Akasha, NSW)*
  45. ‘Golden Stout Time’ Sweet Stout (Big Shed, SA)* GABS
  46. ‘Cloud Catcher’ Australian Pale Ale (Stone & Wood, NSW)*
  47. ‘Twisted Palm’ American Pale Ale (Burleigh, QLD)*
  48. ‘Bling’ American IPA (Bridge Road, VIC)*
  49. ‘Three Sheets’ Australian Pale Ale (Lord Nelson, NSW)*
  50. ‘Mount Tennent’ American Pale Ale (Pact, ACT)*
  51. ‘The Mountie’ Specialty Beer (Stockade, NSW)* NEW GABS
  52. ‘Squish’ Specialty IPA (Fixation, NSW)* NEW
  53. ‘Wayfarer’ American Wheat (Green Beacon, QLD)*
  54. ‘Hopsmith’ American IPA (Akasha, NSW)*
  55. ‘Hornet’ American IPA (Black Hops, QLD)* NEW
  56. ‘3 Bolt’ American Pale Ale (Green Beacon, QLD)*
  57. ‘Summer Hop Ale’ American IPA (Young Henrys, NSW)*
  58. ‘Small Ale’ American Pale Ale (Colonial, WA/VIC)*
  59. ‘Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Colonial, WA/VIC)*
  60. ‘Steam Ale’ California Common (Mountain Goat, VIC)
  61. ‘Natural Lager’ Pale Kellerbier (Young Henrys, NSW)*
  62. ‘Dark Ale’ Porter (White Rabbit, VIC)
  63. ‘Spearhead’ Australian Pale Ale (Cricketers Arms, VIC)
  64. ‘Fat Yak’ Australian Pale Ale (Yak Ales, VIC)
  65. ‘IPA’ Specialty IPA (Colonial, WA/VIC)*
  66. ‘Pale’ American Pale Ale (Modus Operandi, NSW)*
  67. ‘Dog Days’ Australian Pale Ale (Little Creatures, WA/VIC)
  68. ‘Evil Eye’ Red IPA (Capital, ACT)*
  69. ‘Pale Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Kosciuszko, NSW)
  70. ‘Taco’ Specialty Beer (Two Birds, VIC)* GABS
  71. ‘Old Mate’ American Pale Ale (Moon Dog, VIC)*
  72. ‘Summer Ale’ Blonde Ale (Mountain Goat, VIC)
  73. ‘Garden Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Stone & Wood, NSW)*
  74. ‘Hazelnut Brown Ale’ English Brown Ale (Bad Shepherd, VIC)*
  75. ‘Tusk’ Double IPA (Feral, WA)
  76. ‘Hazy Craze’ New England IPA (White Lies, QLD)* NEW
  77. ‘Session IPA’ Specialty IPA (Modus Operandi, NSW)*
  78. ‘Aftermath’ Double IPA (KAIJU!, VIC)*
  79. ‘TPP Strong Pale Ale’ American Pale Ale (Pirate Life [SA] / Ballast Point [USA]) NEW
  80. ‘Vanilla Malt Thickshake’ Winter Seasonal Beer (Pirate Life, SA) NEW GABS
  81. ‘The Punch’ Gose (Hop Nation, VIC)*
  82. ‘Juicy Banger’ Dry Hopped Lager (Blackman’s, VIC)* NEW
  83. ‘Biggie Juice’ New England IPA (Feral, WA) NEW
  84. ‘7 Bells’ Gose (Green Beacon, QLD)* NEW
  85. ‘Blood Orange New England Rye IPA’ New England IPA (Dainton, VIC)* NEW
  86. ‘The Swindler’ Australian Pale Ale (James Squire, NSW) NEW
  87. ’28’ American Pale Ale (Burleigh, QLD)*
  88. ‘India Pale Lager’ Pale Lager (Beerfarm, WA)*
  89. ‘Bighead’ Pale Lager (Burleigh, QLD)*
  90. ‘Black Metal Disco’ Sweet Stout (Balter, QLD)* NEW
  91. ‘Passion Victim’ Australian Pale Ale (Two Birds, VIC)* NEW
  92. ‘Robust Porter’ Porter (Bridge Road, VIC)*
  93. ‘Session Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Mismatch, SA)*
  94. ‘Pale’ American Pale Ale (Mornington Peninsula, VIC)*
  95. ‘8bit’ American IPA (Stockade, NSW)*
  96. ‘Alt Brown’ American Brown Ale (Balter, QLD)*
  97. ‘Sparkling Ale’ Australian Sparkling Ale (Coopers, SA)*
  98. ‘Bright Ale’ Australian Pale Ale (Little Creatures, WA/VIC)
  99. ‘Little Bling’ Specialty IPA (Bridge Road, VIC)*
  100. ‘Rogers’ American Amber Ale (Little Creatures, WA/VIC)

* — Brewed by an independent brewery.
NEW — First brewed in 2017.
GABS — Brewed especially for GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest.

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