Gin Advent Calendar 2018

After last year’s resounding success, White Possum is back with its second annual gin advent calendar. Concealed behind 25 colourful panels are a full spectrum of styles, meaning London Dry to navy strength to everything in between, with each bottle coming from an Aussie brand. Spoiler alert, but you can expect to find boozy botanicals from celebrated names like Canberra Distillery, Nonesuch Distillery, Lawrenny, Cape Byron Distillery, and loads more. Furthermore, White Possum made sure to throw in some award-winners and limited edition releases. ‘Tis the season, after all.

As if copious amounts of delicious gin wasn’t enough, the calendar also comes with a tasting booklet, within which are 25 ‘scratchie slots’. Scratch off each slot to reveal an interesting fact about the designated distillery and gin for that respective day. Suffice to say, counting down the days until Christmas has never been so fun, surprising, rewarding, and lip-smacking as it will be with one of these calendars in your possession. Head on over to White Possum to put in a pre-order. Early birds get a discount.

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