Glen Moray Celebrates 120th Anniversary with 1,000 Limited Bottles of Mastery

Legendary distillery Glen Moray are celebrating their 120th birthday with the release of an extraordinary limited-edition whisky, Mastery. Paying homage to his predecessors, Glen Moray’s current Master Distiller Graham Coull crafted Mastery from five different vintages to encapsulate the very essence of Glen Moray’s proud Speyside traditions. Since producing their first single malt back in 1897, the distinguished whisky makers are proud to reveal this incredible and rare whisky.

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After establishing the first Glen Moray whisky, the distillery took a novel approach to maturing their spirits in a variety of fortified wine casks. The result has been whiskies with complex, unique and rewarding profiles so diverse in flavour that each sip of every one of their whiskies delights.

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With over a century of experience under their belt, Glen Moray has continuously developed their craftmanship in the pursuit of utmost quality, skill, technique and flavour. Still operating in Elgin, the epicentre of Scotch whisky, Glen Moray age the bulk of their spirits in ex-bourbon barrels sourced from North America, whilst also embracing innovation and experimentation by using a wider array of casks including ex-rum, brandy, cognac, sherry, madeira and port. It’s no wonder that Glen Moray remains one of the highest regarded distilleries in Speyside, if not all of Scotland.

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With Mastery, the legend duly lives on. Glen Moray’s 120th Anniversary limited-edition, 1,000 bottle release incorporates three vintages from previous distillers, one of them going all the way back to 1897. By tirelessly experimenting with blending various combinations of Glen Moray whiskies, Coull didn’t stop until perfection was achieved.

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Consequently, Mastery lives up to its name in every possible sense. Representing the apex of craftsmanship, it’s a best of all worlds stunner. Complex as it is smooth and thoroughly balanced, Mastery is an exquisite amber gold colour with notes of sugar, chocolate, raisin, toasted nuts, with a hint of smoke on the nose. Savoury bursts of spice and oak emerge on the palate while trails of sugar linger until the final notes of sherry and oak finally dissipate.

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Graham Coull himself explains: “The Madeira casks that we chose form the heart of the whisky and relate back to the genuine traditions of Glen Moray. I wanted to bring some of the oldest whisky in the warehouses made by 3rd Generation of Master Distiller, Robert Brown (1959 to 1987), as well as casks filled in the 80’s and 90’s by my predecessor, Ed Dodson.

Intertwining these with whisky that has spent its full term in first-fill sherry casks and a proportion that has been finished in port, developed the layers of complexity in the overall bottling by bringing a little lightness. We felt this perfectly balanced the more robust flavours of the sherry and madeira casks in the blend to create something truly sublime.”

With all the care and thought behind Mastery, each presented in individually numbered decanters, housed within a premium leather box. Mastery is truly a whisky beyond compare that should be treasured. With only eight bottles of Mastery on sale in Australia, Mastery will be available from Dan Murphy’s for RRP $1400, a whisky worth the investment.

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